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Emergency Dentist in Bryant

Addressing Urgent Dental Concerns With Same-Day Appointments

Saline Dental is prepared to meet patients’ needs when they come to us for an emergency dental procedure in Bryant. We understand that if you’re coming to us during an emergency, you’re probably in enough pain as it is. That’s one reason why our approach to dentistry emphasizes patient comfort and we will do everything possible to minimize discomfort.

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Are You Having a Dental Emergency?

Common dental emergencies may involve, but are not limited to:

  • Abscesses, which are buildups of pus inside your gums or teeth. Three types exist in dentistry and all are caused by bacterial infections. They can be painful, cause a bad taste in your mouth, or even cause a fever. Treatment from a dentist may involve a root canal surgery. Until you get treatment, avoid cold food and drinks and use a soft toothbrush to minimize pain.
  • Chipped and broken teeth occur when the enamel protecting your teeth isn’t strong enough to withstand contact with another object – be it candy, the ground, a hockey puck, etc. Treatment depends upon the severity of breakage and ranges from fillings to a crown or even root canal surgery. Tooth decay can increase your chances of chipping or breaking a tooth, so it’s best to prevent decay as much as possible.
  • Mouth injuries are typically caused by sports accidents, but any trauma to the mouth can result in knocked-out teeth. It’s possible in some cases for a tooth knocked out of its socket to be replaced, but an artificial tooth – called a dental implant – can also be installed to take its place.
  • Toothache pain can be sharp, throb, or remain constant. Because toothaches are symptoms of tooth decay or gum disease, it’s important to see a dentist as soon as possible. Neglecting a toothache can lead to loss of the tooth – or teeth – or more serious complications as a result of infection spreading to other areas of the mouth, skull, and bloodstream, which can carry infection to other parts of the body.

See a Dentist Immediately

We understand urgent dental needs happen. If you’re in pain, don’t wait! Responding to a dental emergency quickly can mean the difference between undergoing a minor procedure right away or a major one in the future. Beyond your dental, oral, and overall health, you can put yourself at risk of spending thousands of dollars on care down the line by not addressing an urgent matter now. To make this easier for you, we offer the possibility of same-day appointments.

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Our Patients Share Their Experiences
  • “Extremely friendly and truly cares about you. Wonderful dentist and hygienist! Absolutely worth a visit!”

    Glen Swindell
  • “Dr. Wright is friendly, caring, and knowledgeable. If you want the best, see Dr. Wright.”

    Chris Echols
  • “I see Dr. Cain, and he is a very good dentist he is patient and listens to you, and has never hurt me during procedures I've had done.”

    Tarzah Lowe
  • “It feels more like a family reunion than an appointment. Dr. Wright is so genuine and cares so much for his patients.”

    Carla McCool
  • “Everyone working there is friendly and genuinely cares about you which makes it a perfect place to go to the dentist.”


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